About Freyah

About Freyah

©Freyah McGrath

Freyah is a single mother and home educator, to an amazing autistic girl, Freyah has spent more than the last decade being the best Mum that she can. When her daughter was diagnosed with ASC Freyah took a Distance Uni course ‘Level 2 in Understanding Autism,’ passing with full credits, so she could better understand and care for her child.

Freyah has always enjoyed reading, drawing and writing.
Freyah has published her debut novel: The Wildrwood Chronicles, Daughter of None; and the second in the series: The Wildrwood Chronicles, Daughter of The Three; and is now working on the third instalment.

Freyah signed with Spectrum Books for the release of her debut novel, The Wildrwood Chronicles, Daughter of None, but decided to self-publish the rest of the Wildrwood Chronicles series.

Check out my verified Jemi page for more information about me, and what I do:

Original Artwork by Freyah. Using Procreate on iPad.